Futon Cover - Yates - Pewter - Full

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ID# EW-FC-Pewter-DB

Yates Collection
Made inMade in Canada


Length: 74Width: 54Height: 6.5

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Features & Specifications
Features & Specifications
Size Full 54x74
Made in Canada
Color Pewter
Warranty 1 year
Material %100 Polyester. Abrasion: > 350 k.

Cover is the last piece you need to choose in order to complete your futon sofa bed set which consists of a mattress, a frame and a futon cover. Mattress gives you comfort and frame gives structure to yoursofa bed.

Futon cover is there to protect your mattress against wear and tear since the cover usually is made of thick fabric. This Cover comes in Grey color for Full size mattresses. Since the cover is removable and washable, it can also act as a slipcover.

Yates offers refined textures in sun-kissed tones. With its light feel and soft hand, this pattern is very versatile. Yates can bring elegance to traditional homes, or a relaxed air to more modern designs. The adaptability of Yates makes it easy to incorporate into any home.


Most often, our futon covers are 100% polyester and sometimes they are from a blend of few materials. Abrasion: > 350 k. Majority of our covers are thick and sofa style so you can turn your mattress into a sofa. Polyester, for better or worse, is a very durable material. It lasts long and washes easy.

Fabric you see, we use on the top surface as well as all four sides. Back of the cover where it rests on a futon frame is a different material and often in black cover. If you wish to have all six sides to have the same color fabric, please let us know as we can accomodate you and it will cost a little more to do that.


We recommend dry cleaning your futon cover but you sure can wash it at home as well. Clean fabrics with water-based cleaning agents or water-based foam.

As a Bed

Futon cover is generally a thick material and sleeping directly on that is not all that nice. You better put a layer of bedding, or sheet of fabric, to make it soft and also faster clean cycle.


We use a zipper on our futon cover for easy putting it on and off your mattress. Zipper is from middle of one side, to front and then middle of other side.


  • Zippered from middle of one side, to front and then middle of other side for easy setup and removal.
  • Concealed zipper for smooth, finished look.
  • Clean fabrics with water-based cleaning agents or water-based foam.
  • Top and four sides are the same color in the image you see.
  • Back side is Black.
  • 6" Side is standard. Thinner futons fit looser and thicker futons fit fuller.
  • All sides the same color is possible upon request.