Our return policy:

All sales are final.

First, this is to ensure you do not receive someone else’s return. That is one reason. Secondly, the majority of our products are built-to-order based on your specific likings. That is, we manufacture them after you place your order. For the remainder of our products, we bring them in just for you after you order them. This means transport, import duties, custom fees, etc, all must be paid in order to have an item land to your door.

There are other factors playing a part as well. Credit card processing fees, labour costs involved with handling and inspecting potential returns, and environmental costs.

You may ask, well, so and so is doing this and doing that. Of course. There are lots of companies doing lots of things. They also go bust from time to time!

In short, we believe in cutting once and measure twice, an axiom we borrow from the carpentry world.

Best is to measure, and re-measure, your room. Check with us and our site product dimensions. Keep in mind base boards thickness, door and closet door swings, location of window, ceiling fan and all other elements in your room. When we all do your homeworks, there is no need to return anything.

Of course mistakes are part of our lives. We do our best to help you. Our ultimate goal is you be very happy with your purchase. In those instances, we review them on a case by case basis.