Welcome to Bunk Beds Canada

We, Bunk Beds Canada Furnishings Inc., or simply ‘Bunk Beds Canada,’ are a Vancouver-based company operating from the very same location on the corner of Main Street and 29th Ave since we opened our door back in the summer of 2003. 

Our specialty is mainly solid wood bunk beds, loft beds, platform beds and daybeds for Canadians. 

Read our story on our history page. 

Solid wood Bunk Beds 

Bunk Beds Canada's products are made from solid, knot-free premium natural wood. Beds from natural wood will last a lot longer than engineered wood, are easier to maintain and repair, they hold their value and are ultimately recyclable without harming the environment. 

Because we use solid wood and solid hardwood, our bunk beds are excellent for kids, teens and adults, and you can use them at home or in commercial settings like BnB or hostels. 

Bunk Beds Sizes

Our bunk beds are available in every possible size and configuration. The most common size is single over single or twin over twin. Twin and Single are the same things, similar to sofa vs Chesterfield. The most suitable size is our Single over Double which is the same as Twin over Full. 

We also offer extra-long-size bunk beds, which are great for adults and teens. Consider our queen-size bunk beds if you have a cottage or rental property in a ski resort. 

Bunk Bed Mattress 

Mattress sizes, usually the length and width, are all standard in Canada. What is different is the thickness of your mattress. For regular beds, the thickness of your mattress is not a factor, but it is the most crucial part for bunk beds. The same goes for its weight. 

Our mattresses for bunk beds are excellent to give you the most comfort while keeping the weight low and clearance high. The reason is that bunk beds have weight limits. The heavier the mattress, the more pressure on the frame. Also, you need to consider the clearance to have enough sleeping space. 

Platform Beds

A platform bed has a platform so your mattress rests on it. The wooden slats provide a platform to support the mattress, eliminating the need for a box spring but still providing ventilation for the mattress.

Our bunk beds, lofts, daybeds and bed frames do not need a Boxspring

Beyond Bunk Beds

Besides bunk beds, we also offer futon mattresses, case goods such as nightstands, dressers and chests of drawers, plus an incredible and colourful array of bean bags. 

Our bean bags are modern rectangular shapes, available in three convenient sizes for all ages and many colours to fit any decor. 

Visit us in-store, give us a call, text, or email us. We’ll introduce you to the wonderful world of quality bunk beds. Whether you need a bunk for yourself, your children, or your guest room, or you are buying on your company's behalf, we have something to fit your needs and budget.