Frequently Asked Questions

On this page, we try to answer some of your most frequently asked questions about our bunk beds and services. Feel free to contact us if you need to find the answers that we still need to cover or have further questions.

Shipping Questions

We ship to all major cities (typically, but not exclusively, above 10k population) from BC to QC. For Atlantic Canada and Territories, we can send an order on a case-by-case basis. More detailed information you can find in our shipping policies.

We do not ship outside of Canada.

Discount Questions

Often you ask us if we offer discounts to trades or when we go on sale. We have a ‘fair price policy’, that is, fair prices every day for everyone.

For various reasons, we further reduce prices on some of our products, which you can use filters to see. We also have display models on clearance now and again, which are only available to the local market.

We do not match the price with other retailers.

Showroom Questions

We only have one showroom in Vancouver, BC, where we display sample products from each collection we carry. Hours of operation change now and then, so please check the most current hours beforehand. 

Since our showroom is relatively small, we only have a minimal number of products for store pick up. All of our products, in general, we ship from the distribution warehouse directly to you.

Warranty Questions

We offer one year of warranty on all of our products. Please see our warranty page for more information.

Rent and Used Questions

We do not rent out our products. There are some companies where renting furniture is their primary business. Please get in touch with them for rental inquiries.

As for used or second-hand bunk beds, we do not buy, sell, or otherwise trade them. That is to ensure that any bunk bed you purchase from us is brand new.

Bunk Bed Ladder Questions

We do sell our ladder separately in some of our collections. If you are trying to buy one of our ladders and match it to your existing bunk bed, we do not recommend that. The reason is that height of the ladders, angle, and width are not standard, and one or two inches can make a huge difference.