Futon Collection

Futons are the traditional Japanese style of bedding. In Canada, we use a futon mattress for a comfortable night’s sleep and also as a sit-sleep sofa bed. For sleeping, all you need is a futon mattress on its own, and you treat it as you would any regular mattress. As a sofa bed, you’ll need three components: a futon mattress, a futon frame, and a slipcover or futon cover.

Futon Mattress

We make our futon mattresses from layers of cotton and foam, or many layers of just cotton, and with a canvas fabric casing to hold everything together. The more layers, the more comfort. Each layer of cotton is about half an inch thick. We use two different types of foam. Low-density foam, LD, is lighter in weight and more economical than high-density foam, HD, which lasts a lot longer than LD foam. All of our foam layers are one inch thick. 

Futon Frame

Futon frames provide the structure for the sofa bed. You can open them to give your futon mattress a flat sleeping surface or close them for a comfortable seat during the day. They come in many standard sizes and materials like wood, metal, or a combination. The wood in futon frames can be pine, the most common, Rubberwood or even Oak. 

Futon Cover

You need a futon cover to use your futon as a sofa bed. Futon covers work like slipcovers to protect your mattress from wear and tear. They are removable for easy washing and come in plain or patterned colours, allowing you to match your sofa bed to your room decor. 

Futon Size

Our futons follow standard Canadian mattress sizes. As a sofa bed, a double futon is the most common size. We make all other sizes, including single, queen and loveseat sizes. The king-size futon is more common for sleeping since the size is prohibitive to make a king-size sofa bed.