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Futon Frame

You will need a futon frame to use your futon mattress for sit-and-sleep as in a sofa bed. A traditional sofa bed is a sofa with a folding bed in one unit, so you only have to decide on size and colour. In a futon sofa bed, you choose a frame as the structure of your sofa bed. You select your futon mattress, which comfort is coming from, and choose your cover, which colour options are from. Finding a futon sofa bed is more complicated than a hide-a-bed, but you have more choices, variety, and fun.

Futon Frame Material

There are two primary materials for futon frames: Metal and wood or a combination. Metal frames are less stylish compared to wooden versions, but they are more economical. We only carry one metal frame, our Lift Frame, with a metal structure and wooden slats.

Solid wood futon frames are more popular than metal ones. They add warmth and charm to your living room that metal frames lack. There are many types of wood to produce the futon frame. The most common wood in Canada is Pine, which we use in our Quebec collection

Futon Frame Sizes

There are lots of standard sizes available when it comes to futon frames. The most common size is full size, or double, which seats three people as a sofa and opens up as a full-size mattress. A queen-size sofa bed sits three people comfortably and opens as a queen-size mattress.

A less standard yet popular size is the loveseat size. This size is perfect for small condos due to its compact size. It seats two people rather snugly and opens up to a 54-by-54-inch mattress. You must add an ottoman piece to turn your loveseat futon mattress into a full-size bed.

And the last size is the chair-size futon frame. Two sizes are available: a 28 inches wide chair and the other is 39 inches.