Warranty Info

Our warranty is very simple. We offer a one year warranty on ALL products we sell throughout our site. Whether it is a bunk bed or futon mattress, all products come with a standard one year warranty.

What do we cover?

Warranty covers faulty workmanship.

What do we not cover?

Any minor nicks, cracks or gaps are not part of our warranty simply because we are selling natural products. Wood is coming from trees which are not in perfect 90 degree angles and smooth shapes. There is only so much sanding and cutting and pudding we can do before starting to waste a lot of wood.

Part of the charm and appeal of real wood is these imperfections. If you expect absolute perfection, then real wood is not your answer and you should look into engineered wood. Engineered wood, or MDF, is a fancy word for sawdust and glue and we do not sell that.

Mattress Warranty

Some of our mattresses come in vacuum packing to save space and lower the shipping cost. After you open the box, it will take some time to fully expand. Rarely, however, mattresses do not fully expand. You need to leave your mattress at room temperature, wait at least 5 business days, then contact us IF your mattress does not fully expand.

Beyond that, our mattresses rarely ever dip or sag since we do not use convoluted foam or low density foam in our mattresses.

Claim Process

For every claim we need pictures of your product, so take multiple shots of the piece(s) so we can identify which part you exactly need.

Then email your images along with your full name. We may ask for proof of purchase if we can not find your name in our database.

Please find our contact info from our Contact Page. You are welcome to give us a ring, but we do need images and email.

After we receive your images and identify which part you need and what caused the damage, we will order a new part and ship it to your address. Shipping fee and replacement parts will be free of charge in the first year of ownership and after that we still offer support but for a fee.

We reserve the right to deny warranty claims, or charge you for parts and shipping, if we recognize that damage is due to misuse or normal wear and tear rather than workmanship.