Bunk Beds Canada History:


There is a cute little store at the corner of Main Street and 29th ave. We opened our doors there in the summer of 2003. Back then, the area was called Antique Row due to the large number of antique dealers clustered in that area. Today, however, our neighbourhood has been gentrified to hip boutiques, restaurants, and artisan clothing stores.

When I started, and ‘we’ was just ‘me’, my focus was new and used bedroom furniture in retail and e-commerce settings. Proud to say that my company was one the first furniture stores in Canada with an e-commerce platform. Even Sears did not have it at that point of time.

Slowly and surely with trial and error, experience, market demand, a little luck and a lot of work, reading books and taking classes, Bunk Beds Canada evolved. First got rid of used, then brought in all bedroom related products. From duvets and pillows, cribs and nursury products, to mattress and frames, and sofa beds to futons. Idea was ‘furniture and furnishings for your bedroom’.


That year, I opened my second location in a warehouse/showroom setting. A year later got hit by the financial crisis - a few large furniture stores closed in our city that year - then the Olympic boom followed by its hangover, then American companies rushing north reminiscent of the gold rush era - Target anyone? - made me re-evaluate and reinvent the business.


Started working with factories overseas and brought products directly. This was to lower the cost of our products and have our own in-house design, as well as to increase delivery time.


We pruned our suppliers and product lines to be able to focus on one thing: Bunk Beds. And to make it very clear that this is not a foriegn owned company, we added Canada to our name, thus, Bunk Beds Canada.


As of 2019, we are a team of 4 people, running from the same spot I started years ago and keeping it simple. Very happy and grateful of our colourful community, our beloved city and surviving many ups and downs.