Our Bed Frames:

• All made of solid wood.

• Suitable for kids or adults.

• No need for a boxspring.

• Under-bed storage for all models.

Bed Frames

Platform Beds are essentially a normal bed frame with ‘platform’ where mattress rests on. Hence, you do not require to have a box spring when you use platform beds. Some platforms are slats and some are boards. All of our platform beds use wood slats.

Daybeds, or Day Beds, are also a type of platform beds in which head and footboard are same height and often there is a back side connecting head and footboard.
Daybeds are meant to mimic sofa bed look and function but in reality they are just a normal bed and take regular size single mattress. Sometimes they come in double or extra long single.

Captain beds, as the name suggests, have their roots in nautical world. In confined space of ships, you have to use every inch of space. Put two rows of drawers under your platform bed and you have yourself ‘Captain Bed’. Hats sold separately!
Mates beds are same as captain beds, but with one row of drawers under platform beds.
Both types of beds can use bookcase headboard, or not.

Trundle Beds are slats on wheels so you can put a mattress over the slats and roll it under platform bed. You pull them out when you have guests and sleep overs.
Storage Trundle Bed is a huge box on wheels. You can put a mattress inside the box or use your box for storage.

Under Bed Drawers

Under Bed Drawers, more or less self explanatory. They are boxes on wheels and roll under the platform beds. Mostly they wheel in and out and some models are like horizontal chest of drawers. That is, drawers on glides and do not roll on the ground.