Solid Wood Loft Beds For Any Age

Loft beds or elevated beds are regular beds with tall legs. They make an excellent choice for bedrooms where there is little space. A single bed can free as much as 22 square feet of real estate beneath. This you can use as a play area or add a desk and shelf for homework. Alternatively, use it for storage by adding a chest of drawers or a wardrobe to the space.

Our loft beds are made of premium knot-free solid hardwoods. You can easily remove the legs and use the upper bed independently. In our Modular Collection, you can purchase the legs whenever you need them. We have lots of choices for you.

Size and height

We categorize our loft beds according to their size which is, in turn, determined by the mattress size. All of our loft beds take standard mattresses. We carry a wide range of sizes including extra-long and queen size versions. The single loft bed, also called twin, is the most popular. See filters for size options. The mattress size determines the length and breadth of the loft bed but the height differs according to your requirements. You can choose from a wide range of heights from 51” to 73”. The higher the loft, the more space you’ll have underneath but there will be less space between the mattress and the ceiling. All of our loft beds will fit under a standard height ceiling which is 96” or 8’.

Fastening systems

Upper lofts fit onto the lower legs using different fastening systems. The most common is a metal pin embedded in the posts which are usually out of sight. Our loft beds use one of three systems depending on the collection. Our Vanisla Collection uses metal pins plus wooden brackets. This is to ensure the upper and lower part cannot accidentally separate. The Cottage collection uses a metal pin only, but since the upper loft is very heavy, gravity will be your friend. Our Modular Collection uses a special metal pin which acts as a fastener and holder.

Weight capacity

The weight rating of the loft beds differs based on the strength of the material and the design. Our loft beds are suitable for kids, teens, and adults as they range in capacity from 220 lb to 450 lb, depending on which collection you choose. Weight capacity is distributed weight of the person(s) and mattress on the total surface, so it is essential to bear this in mind when climbing up onto the bed. To carry the extra load, loft bed frames are often thicker than regular bed frames of the same size.

Additional features

Modern loft beds come with a wide range of features and options, from an added slide to different climbing methods or colourful tents and curtains. You can also choose from a range of colours.

Look around, we have lots of loft beds for every style and taste.