Futon Mattress - Premium - The 8 Layers - MD


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Futon Mattress

The eight layer futon mattress MD firm has 4 layers of cotton and 4 layers of Medium density foam inside. It is suitable for regular sitting on a daily basis and you can occasionally use it for sleeping.


Our Eight Layers MD futon mattress feels medium firm. Its firmness or softness is subjective and it is only in comparison to other futon mattresses.

Medium Density Foam

We have 4 layers of medium-density foam in this mattress and each layer is one inch in thickness. The type of foam we use in this mattress is standard polyurethane foam. Its density is one point five pound per board foot.

Medium density refers to weight and volume ratio. It is similar to dense bread. This medium density foam has less air pockets between its molecules and this is the reason it lasts longer than low density foam.


There are 4 layers of 100% pure virgin cotton batting inside this mattress. These are what give lumpiness to the futon mattress. The thickness of the mattress is not easy to measure due to the fluffy nature of cotton batt, but it is roughly 0.5” for each layer.

Two Sided Mattress

This futon mattress is two sided which means you can sit or sleep on both sides of the mattress. Therefore, you get longer wear from your investment.


Cover or casing, as we call it, of this mattress is canvas-like white fabric which is 100% polyester for durability. This cover acts as a casing to hold the contents of the mattress which are layers of foam and cotton.

You will find tuffing in the middle of this mattress. This tuffing is roughly 10” apart and it keeps the layers from shifting around. You can not take the casing off because of this permanent tuff.

We recommend using a mattress protector. However, if you intend to use this futon mattress as a sofa, then you may want to add a futon cover to accessorise its look.


This mattress is folded in half and one or two strings keep it in place. Also, it is inside a durable plastic bag.


  • 4 layers of cotton batting
  • 4 layers of 1” medium density foam
  • Two sided
  • Ships in a plastic bag
  • Made in Canada
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