Solid Wood Petit Nightstand - Classic Design - w Shelf n Door - 27" H

ID# CR-8003L

Cottage Collection
Made inMade in Canada

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Features & Specifications
Features & Specifications
Made in Canada
Warranty 1 year
Material Knot-free Solid Southern Yellow Pine

Solid Wood Nightstand

This petit nightstand, or night table, is one of our smallest models with 16” front and 12” of depth. It has one open shelf below the top surface and enclosed space with a door that has hinges on the right or left hand side. It is made of solid pine and standing 27” tall.

The Design

This nightstand is part of our Cottage Collection. You can match this night table with any of the bed frames, loft or bunk beds from this collection. 

Assembly of Night Table

This night table requires no assembly at all so you do not need to worry about it. You open the shipping box, pull out the night table and immediately put it beside your bed frame and start using it. 

Solid Wood

Made of solid Southern Yellow Pine. Yellow Pine is denser than our own BC pine therefore wears and tears better. Some roller coasters use this wood in their construction which is a testament to durability of this wood.  

Top part of this nightstand and inside of every drawer including the face of the drawers are all solid wood. Side panels are pine veneer with solid wood framing. Back of this item as well as the bottom of drawers we use plywood. 

Usability of Nightstand

A Nightstand is a small table with one or more drawers that goes beside your bed. You can put your alarm clock on it, a lamp for reading and a glass of water. 

For a single, or twin, size bed you only need one night table. For double and bigger size beds, it is nice to have one at each side of the bed. 

If space is at premium in your room, then choose a narrow nightstand. Better have something than nothing. 

Choosing Nightstand Height 

The overall height of your nightstand depends on the thickness of your mattress, whether or not you are using a box-spring, and height of your bed frame. 

 If you are using a box-spring, which is often 8 to 12” thick, then you may want to go with a 30” high nightstand. For platform beds which do not use a box-spring, then you can choose a 24” high nightstand. 


  • Made from solid yellow pine wood.
  • Dovetail-joint drawers.   
  • Matching to all beds and bunks in Cottage Collection. 
  • No need to assemble.  
  • Made in Canada. 
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