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Folding Mattress

Made inCanada

High Density Foam Mattress - Italian Collection - SIX

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Foam Mattress - 6" w Removable Cover

Made inCanada

Foam Mattress - The HealthCare - 7"

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Regular Foam Mattress

At Bunk Beds Canada, we offer a few different types of regular foam mattress to fit your bunk bed or regular bed frame. For bunk beds, we recommend using a 6” thick mattress for the upper bunk and depending on space, either a 6 or 8” mattress for the lower bunk. For our platform beds, you can use any thickness mattress you wish.

Regular Foam Mattress For Bunk Beds

We strongly recommend using a regular foam mattress for your bunk bed since they offer more comfort versus the same thickness coil mattress. For bunk beds, due to safety on top bunk and comfort clearance space on lower bunk, you need to stay with a thinner mattress than your usual bed. Coil mattresses are popular, and very comfortable, when they are very thick, but not so much for six inch thickness. Reason is that the coil itself is around 4 to 5” tall and therefore not a lot left to add before you are at 6” thickness. When you have only 1 or 2 inches of foam on top of the coil, you sure will feel the coils. It is better to get all six inches of your mattress filled with foam and get the most comfort. 

High Density vs. Low Density Foam  

Low density foam has more air pockets inside and hence lighter in weight compared to high density foam. Best comparison is the difference between fluffy white bread vs. heavy rye bread. For the same volume, one is much heavier than the other. Same goes for foam. High density foam is denser and heavier than low density and therefore lasts a lot longer. 

All of our regular foam mattresses use medium to high density foam. Unless otherwise stated, like in our Futon Mattresses, we do not use low density foam in our bunk bed mattress lineup.

Please note that density is different from firmness.