Solid Wood Staircase - Cottage Collection - 4900

ID# CR-4900

Cottage Collection
Made inMade in Canada

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Features & Specifications
Features & Specifications
Material Case: Knot-free Solid Southern Yellow Pine
Drawer bottoms: Plywood
Back: Plywood
Made in Select Country
Warranty 1 year

Solid Wood Staircase

This solid wood staircase is part of our Cottage Collection. It is a stand-alone piece and available in 65” height only. Drawers go to the very end and therefore there is no void space behind them. The lowest drawer sits on the ground and has casters since it is very deep. Other drawers are on metal rollers.


The staircase works well with our 65" height Ladder Design bunk and loft bed. Also matches very well with our 65” Mission Design loft and bunk beds. Since this staircase is a stand-alone piece, you can also use it beside your existing bunk or loft bed.

You can use this solid wood staircase on the left or right side of your bunk or loft bed, or even in front since it has a symmetrical design.

Last not least, you can use progressively deep drawers for storage.


As mentioned above, each drawer goes as deep as the width of the staircase, therefore there are no wasted spaces behind any of the drawers. The first drawer rolls in and out on the floor since it is very deep however the other drawers have metal rollers and roll in and out on metal glides.

Each drawer is made of solid wood. Drawers have dovetailed joinery for maximum strength.


The staircase structure is made from solid Southern Yellow Pine. Drawers are also made of the same pine wood. Bottom of the drawers and back of the staircase made of plywood.

Yellow Pine is denser than our own BC pine. As a result, it is a perfect material for manufacturing durable goods, use in home construction, for wooden roller coasters, and of course in the furniture industry.

Assembly & Unpacking

We assemble this staircase in our factory and ship it in one piece. Therefore you will receive a giant and heavy box. You can unpack the box and take out the drawers to lower the weight before moving it up the stairs.


  • Part of our Cottage Collection.
  • Use with an existing bunk.
  • Deep drawers, no void spaces.
  • Available only at 65".
  • Made in Canada.
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