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Solid wood bunk bed twin. Twin over twin. M3-177201. Max and Lily collection. by Bunk Beds Canada of Vancouver.

Heavy Duty Metal Bunk bed - The 800

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Heavy Duty Bunk Bed with TWO Mattresses - Twin over Twin - Black. by Bunk Beds Canada of Vancouver.

Heavy Duty Metal Bunk Bed with TWO Mattresses

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Commercial Bunk Beds

At Bunk Beds Canada, we offer commercial bunk beds for industrial and commercial settings such as youth hostels or farms.

Although the majority of our bunk beds are suitable for commercial settings, often price or weight capacity are prohibitive factors. Our bunk beds with 400 lb weight capacity are on a higher price point and our bunk beds with 220 lb weight capacity are designed for residential use in mind.

For commercial bunk beds, you want high weight capacity, durability, compact footprint, easy set up and availability.

Our The-800 bunk bed has all these features since we designed based on these criterias. We name this bunk bed ‘The 800’ since it can hold 800 lb of weight on top and another 800 lb of weight on lower bunk.

Heavy Duty Bunk Beds

By heavy duty, we mean both high weight capacity as well as robust frame and construction. For commercial bunk beds, higher weight capacity is a must since you never know who is going to use it. Also you need a sturdy bunk bed frame so it lasts you a very long time. You sure do not want to replace them every two seasons.

Low footprint is another important issue to consider when you are looking for a commercial bunk bed. Often you need these bunks where you want to sleep many people in a small space.

Easy set up is also an important factor as you may be in a remote site with limited staff and in a rush to have everything ready before the show starts.

Availability is yet another variable to keep that in mind. Sometimes you have a lot of time to prepare and sometimes projects have last minute changes. We keep our commercial bunk beds in stock for quick delivery.

Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Bunk Beds

You can use our heavy duty commercial grade bunk beds for a variety of applications. Over the years, we have sold them to youth hostels, fire stations, shelters, and farms.