Heavy Duty Metal Bunk Bed with TWO Mattresses

ID# RG-BB-80002

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Features & Specifications
Features & Specifications
Material Metal
Weight capacity 220 lbs for upper bunk. Lower bunk is not rated.
Ladder Entry styles are reversible and can be positioned on either side of the bed.
Warranty 1 year
Made in China

Heavy Duty Metal Bunk Bed

We call this Heavy Duty Metal Bunk Bed "The 800" because it can take up to 800 lb of weight on each deck. It is part of the Vanisla collection and is by far the sturdiest bunk bed we have in our lineup.

It only comes in black.

The metal ladder is vertical and you can install it on the left or the right side. This bunk bed comes only in one height option and one headboard style.


The 800 Heavy Duty Metal Bunk Bed stands at an ideal height of 69”. Therefore, this will give you plenty of clearance space for both top and bottom bunks considering that the standard ceiling height is 96”.

This heavy duty bunk bed is perfect for commercial spaces such as hostels, summer and youth camps, shelters, army barracks, fire stations, or farms. Of course, you can also use it in your home, rental property, or your cottage.


Our heavy duty metal bunk bed is made of industrial-grade Q235 steel. We use electrostatic powder coating with an anti-rust treatment. So, the bunk bed is extremely durable and should last you a long time. Of course, since we use powder-coated steel, the bunk bed requires very little maintenance.


The bunk bed decks and headboards are welded at our factory for maximum strength. Plus, you will find four-loop shape additions at the bottom of the headboard. These are for bolting down your bunk to the floor. This safety feature ensures that your bed stays put no matter what. In short, its construction and material ensure that the frame can safely and securely support you and your mattress.

Cleaning is very simple since there are no porous surfaces. So, you can wipe this bunk clean with just a rag and any cleaning solution. Some online articles claim that metal frames are better for bed bugs and other pests. But, we can not verify it. It is, however, not susceptible to damage caused by humidity or termites.


The 800 heavy duty metal bunk bed is built for strength and durability. It is not stylish and there are some minor imperfections in fit and finish here and there. It is a good investment though since it retains its value well and virtually has no maintenance cost.


The bed has a vertical ladder that takes the least amount of space and goes all the way to the ground. The first rung is only a few inches off the ground for ease of use. Each rung of the ladder is 2" wide facing inward making for an easy climb, Plus, it has built-in anti-slip bumps.

You can install the ladder on either the bunk bed’s left or right-hand side to suit your space. The vertical ladder is harder to climb than the angled ladder, but it takes less space.


This Heavy Duty Metal Bunk Bed is partially assembled and comes in just seven pieces: two decks that come in one piece (2 pieces total), the ladder (1), both end pieces (2), and both guard rails (2).

Assembly is fairly easy. You can assemble it alone, but it is easier and safer with two or more people. Hardware you need is also included. But, you will need a few basic tools for assembly.


A standard-size mattress fits this bunk bed. You can use a six-inch thick mattress for the upper bunk for optimum safety. However, the bed can also accommodate a 7” mattress max.

For the lower bunk, you can use a thicker mattress. However, we still recommend using a six - or seven - inches thick mattress for the lower bunk, because a thicker mattress will reduce the headspace. Note that the price only includes the bunk bed frame including the ladder. We sell mattresses and accessories separately.


  • Made from solid steel.
  • Electrostatic powder coat surface.
  • Anti-rust treatment.
  • You can install the ladder on the bunk’s left or right side.
  • You can not separate this bunk into two individual beds.
  • Weight capacity is 800 lb per deck.
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