Solid Wood Platform Bed - HarvestRoots - 4419

ID# CR-43539

Cottage Collection
Made inMade in Canada

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Features & Specifications
Features & Specifications
Material Knot-free Solid Southern Yellow Pine
Made in Canada
Warranty 1 year

Solid Wood Platform Bed

HarvestRoots Design solid wood platform bed is available in six standard sizes and comes with two head and footboard height options.

HarvestRoots platform bed is part of our Cottage Collection. The name is from wild and rooty characteristics of wood we use on head and footboard, almost like barnboard. Another characteristic of this bed is its very thick - 3.5” x 3.5” - posts. Very impressive.

Made of solid Southern Yellow Pine. Yellow Pine is denser than our own BC pine. Strong enough that some roller coasters are made from this wood.


This platform bed comes with two different heights head and footboard so you get either a High/Low look or Low/Low look.

There two heights are: 43” and 19”. You can mix these two sizes and get a bed with 43” headboard and 19” foot board - which we call it 4319 - or you can pair up two 19” head/foot boards, or the 1919 model.

HarvestRoots Design Bed comes in all standard sizes. Take advantage of extra long versions for teens or grown ups. King size is available for this model.

Underbed Storage

You can add a storage trundle or a dresser under this bed. For queen size, you can add a storage trundle on one side and underbed dresser on the other side of the bed.

If you wish to add a matching night table, you can choose a shorter underbed dresser so all drawers can function nicely.


Our finishes include volatile organic compounds (or VOC's) in their liquid form. These ingredients are used to allow finishes to be applied by spraying. Once a finish is applied the ingredients evaporate during the drying and curing process releasing the VOC's. Finished wood surfaces do not emit VOC's once they are cured.

This HarvestRoots design solid wood platform bed is perfect for any age. Kids, teens, or adults all can use this bed without a problem. This is because it can hold 400 lbs of weight. To achieve this weight rating, the mattress rail on this bed is a solid and very thick piece of wood without finger joints, just a long solid piece of timber.

Headboard joints are traditional and robust mortise and tenon.


The Assembly of HarvestRoots Design platform bed is fairly simple. No need to assemble the headboards. You only need to connect mattress rails to head/foot boards and screw in the slats.

Mattress and Boxspring

Standard size mattress fits this bed just fine and there is no restriction on mattress thickness.

You do not need to use a boxspring for our HarvestRoots Design platform bed. Slats are made of solid wood and you get 9 of them at 5.25” wide each. These slats create a nice platform for your mattress for support and space in between so your mattress can breath. If you need to add more slats, it is possible.

Price includes a platform bed frame and slats. We sell mattresses separately as there are lots of choices to choose from.


  • Super solid construction.
  • Made from solid yellow pine wood.
  • Matching under bed storage available.
  • Slats are made of solid wood as well.
  • No need for a boxspring.
  • Made in Canada.


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