Solid Hardwood Bunk Bed w Staircase on End - Modular Design - 61" H


Modular Collection

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Features & Specifications
Features & Specifications
Material Knot-free Solid Birch, Maple, or Aspen.
Split option Can easily split into two separate beds.
Weight capacity Rated for 400 lb, tested for up to 800 lb. Lower bunk is not rated.
Ladder Entry styles are reversible and can be positioned on either side of the bed.
Warranty 1 year
Made in Vietnam

Modular Bunk Bed

Modular design bunk bed with stairs is made of solid hardwood, three colors, three styles of headboards, and many sizes. This bunk bed is available in heights of 61 inches.

This bunk bed is part of our Modular Collection. The name is for the fact that bunk is made of many building blocks which give you a lot of choices.

Made of either birch, maple, or aspen premium knot free solid hardwood. You can not choose your wood type, the factory does it.


The modular design means you have zillions of options before your purchase and lots of possibilities in the future. This is because you can purchase parts and convert your bunk to something else, say to two loft beds for example.

You can use our modular design bunk bed for kids, teens or adults.

This bunk divides into components which you can use to make another piece. Additional headboards you will need if you need to turn this bunk into two beds.

Slats are made of knotty solid pine wood. They are about 2.5â€_x009d_ wide and 2.5â€_x009d_ apart from each other.

Under Bed Storage

You can add a storage trundle under this bunk bed, or normal trundle bed for allowing an extra mattress. You can add an under bed dresser or a set of two drawers.


Modular design bunk is rated for 400 lb distributed weight on the upper deck and it is fair to say the lower deck can also hold just as much.

Staircase comes with a solid bannister for additional safety and ease of climbing.

There are 4 metal pings, purpose built Rocklocks, which locks the upper to lower headboards.


This bunk comes with four stairs and each stair has a drawer in it. Lower drawers do not go all the way to the end. Upper two drawers do.


Assembly of Modular Design bunk with stairs is reasonably simple. No need to assemble the headboards or stairs. Stairs come in two pieces. Lower three stairs are one piece and one upper stair is another piece.

You need to assemble the stairs, the guard rails, connect mattress rails, and slats. Stairs can go to either right or left side.


Standard size mattress fits this bunk bed just fine. For the upper bunk, you can use a maximum 6â€_x009d_ thick mattress. For the lower bunk, depending on which height you are going to choose, use a mattress between 6 to 8â€_x009d_ thick.


  • Part of our Modular Design collection. The design allows you to modify your furniture as your need evolves.
  • Made from knot free premium solid hardwood.
  • Converts into two beds with additional headboards.
  • Includes stairs, guard rails, and slats.
  • Install the stairs on the left or right side.
  • Solid wood slats.
  • Non-toxic low VOC finish.
  • Add under bed storage to maximize space saving
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