Solid Wood Loft Storage Bed w Desk, Cork Board, Dresser, Bookcase

ID# CR-43200

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Features & Specifications
Features & Specifications
Material Knot-free Solid Southern Yellow Pine
Mattress Standard Size. Thickness: Maximum Eight Inches
Weight capacity 400 lbs, person and mattress combined.
Made in Select Country
Warranty 1 year

Loft Storage Bed

The Versa Loft Storage Bed is a complete bedroom of furniture. The twin size bed is always extra-long.

The Versa Loft set includes a loft bed frame and a ladder, desk top with full width drawer, cork board, 6 drawer chest and 4 shelf bookcase.

Made of solid Southern Yellow Pine. Yellow Pine is denser than our own BC pine. It is also used in building roller coasters.


Slats are made of solid wood as well. They are 5.5” wide each and you get 9 slats per deck, that is, 9 for lofts and 18 per bunk bed. Space between the slats are roughly 3.5” for single size and a bit more for extra long versions since both sizes use the same number of slats. If you wish to add more slats to reduce the space between them it is possible to buy Individual Slat.


Our finishes include volatile organic compounds (or VOC's) in their liquid form. These ingredients are used to allow finishes to be applied by spraying. Once a finish is applied the ingredients evaporate during the drying and curing process releasing the VOC's. Finished wood surfaces do not emit VOC's once they are cured.

Versa Loft is perfect for any age. Kids, teens, or adults all can use this loft without a problem. This is because it can hold 400 lbs of weight on the upper loft. To achieve this weight rating, the mattress rail on this loft is a solid and very thick piece of wood without finger joints, just a long solid piece of timber.

Headboard joints are traditional and robust mortise and tenon.

There are 4 metal pings between upper and lower loft. You do not see them, they are inside the wood. They are about 2” in length.


This loft comes with one thick and sturdy ladder. Moreover, you can install the ladder on the left or right side. Image of this product showing a ladder hooked on the upper headboard. This is a suggestion. You can easily install your ladder in front of your loft.

Mattress Size

Standard size mattress fits this loft bed just fine. For the upper loft, you can use a maximum 8” thick mattress.


  • Made from solid yellow pine wood.
  • Install the ladder on the left or right side.
  • Matching under the loft desk and bookcase.
  • Standard mattress fits fine, keeping it around 6” to 8” thick.
  • Weight capacity is 400 lb.
  • Slats are made of solid wood as well.
  • Made in Canada.
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