Solid Wood Bunk Bed - Duncan - Twin over Full


Vanisla Collection

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Features & Specifications
Features & Specifications
Material Knot-free, finger joint, Solid Rubber Wood.
Split option Can easily split into two separate single beds.
Weight capacity 220 lbs for upper bunk. Lower bunk is not rated.
Ladder Ladder positioned on the right side of the bed.
Warranty 1 year
Made in Malaysia

Duncan Bunk Bed

This solid wood twin over full Duncan bunk bed with a vertical ladder is part of our Vanisla Collection. It is perfect for kids, teens or adults as it can hold 220 pounds on the top and bottom bunk. You can separate our Duncan bunk bed later on into two individual free-standing beds. The ladder is not reversible and you can install it only on the right side. We recommend a maximum six-inch thick mattress for this bunk both for the upper and lower deck. Duncan Bunk Bed has a matching style of guardrails to the upper headboards. Also, lower headboards have built-in vanity panels so you would not see the side of under-bed drawers if you choose to add them. 

The size of this bunk bed is Twin over Full which is also known as single over double. If you have space, this is the most useful size. 

You can add under-bed storage to the Duncan bunk bed, but we do not offer matching case goods in this group. 

Vanisla Collection

We have different selections of beds and bunk beds, each with its characteristics. Vanisla Collection is our ‘value’ collection. That is, you get solid wood products at a reasonable price. The reason is that we order only a handful of designs in bulk from the factory. This collection is from Malaysia, which has had high labour standards and a flourishing furniture industry since the 1990s. 

We designed this collection locally in Vancouver based on local tastes and demands. Product names in this collection are usually after small towns in VANcouver ISLAd, hence the name of this collection: VANISLA. 

Another advantage of this collection is the reasonably fast delivery time since we store them locally in Vancouver. Shipping time fluctuates, but we generally ship them within one to two weeks.

We use non-toxic, low-VOC finishes in our Vanisla collection.

Solid wood

We use rubberwood in our Vanisla selection. Rubberwood, aka Malaysian Oak, has dense grain, harder than Pine yet softer than Birch. Latex, as well as the main ingredient of tires, is from rubber trees. Like our own Maple Syrup, Latex is also from the sap of Rubber Trees. After 25-30 years of producing Latex, a new one goes in its place, which makes this wood a sustainable product.  

Solid wood products like beds, loft beds and bunk beds are robust, easy to maintain, beautiful to look at and hold their value. 

Slats and Mattress

For bed slats, we use plywood in our Vanisla collection. Each slat is 2.5 inches wide and 2.5 inches apart from each other for a total of 14 slats per bed. You do not need to use a box spring or bunkie board. 

Standard-size mattress fits this collection just fine. We recommend using a six inches thick mattress for bunk and loft beds in this collection, and for regular bed frames, use any thickness you wish. 

Hardware and Assembly

We use matching colour hardware for this collection which is bronze finish for light wood and dark colour hardware for darker wood. We include hardware and instructions and an essential Allen key for you. It would help if you had a Phillips screwdriver and you do not need power tools. 

Assembly of our Vanisla collection is reasonably straightforward as most pieces, including headboards and ladder, are pre-assembled. Setting up the under-bed drawers is more tricky. We recommend two adults for easier assembly.

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