Loft Bed Sizes Guide

We name, and categorize, our loft beds according to the size of the mattress that will fit inside the loft. This is similar to the naming of bed frames. For example, a queen bed is a bed that is made for a queen mattress. Queen loft bed means a loft that houses one queen mattress. The external length and width of loft beds are not all the same. Given that their size is determined by the mattress size, it is fair to assume that the external dimensions are 3” to 5” wider and longer than the size of mattress they host. Now let's explore loft bed sizes. Please note that a loft bed’s height is not part of the name. We will talk about height options in another article.
1. Single

1. Single Loft Bed

Also called twin size loft.
Length: 75 inch or 190 cm
Width: 39 inch or 99 cm
Usage: This is the most common bed size. The very compact size makes it the ‘go-to’ option.

2. Single XL

2. Single XL Loft Bed

Single extra-long, or Twin XL.
Length: 80 inch or 203 cm
Width: 39 inch or 99 cm
Usage: This size loft bed is good for teens or tall adults. The inside length is 80” which is enough space for a person over 6 feet tall. The extra length also gives you more room to place a small sofa under your loft or a futon frame. Keep in mind that you need an extra-long mattress and fitted sheet to fit the loft. These are readily available.

3. Double

3. Double Loft Bed

Also called a full-size loft bed.
Length: 75 inch or 190 cm
Width: 54 inch or 137 cm
Usage: This size bunk can fit two average size people. Two people on the loft would enjoy a cozy sleeping area, or one person can enjoy a generous sleeping space. The double loft bed is also a good alternative to Single XL for tall people who can sleep diagonally for the extra length.

4. Double XL

4. Double XL Loft Bed

Also called Full XL Loft Bed.
Length: 80 inch or 203 cm
Width: 54 inch or 137 cm
Usage: This is an in-between size. If you wish you had the space for a queen loft and you find double size is a bit snug, then choose double XL. Don’t worry about finding sheets, this size is more common than you think.

5. Queen

5. Queen Loft Bed

Length: 80 inch or 203 cm
Width: 60 inch or 152 cm
Usage: A Queen Loft Bed is a good choice for teens or young adults during the course of college. Or for adults who live in a small studio apartment and wish to open up floor space without compromising on their sleeping arrangements.