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Hemp Bean Bag Chair in Light Grey Fabric, Ergonomic style, by Bunk Beds Canada.

Hemp Chair - Light grey

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Hemp Bean Bag Chair

Hemp bean bag chair in our ergonomic chair. Unlike traditional bean bags, you do not need to wiggle yourself in till you find a comfortable place. Hemp chair already comes in the right format. All you need to do is to sit and enjoy the comfort.

We call it Hemp Chair since the fabric resembles the texture and look of hemp fabric.

Size of Hemp Bean Bag

Our Hemp bean bag chair is a unique shape. Its width is 31” and its length is around 35” and height stands at 27”.

Cover of Hemp Bean Bag

The cover of this bean bag chair is made of 100% polyester, therefore it is easy to clean and very durable. We triple stitch the seams for maximum strength. At the bottom of the cover, there is a zipper for you to insert the mesh bag.

Beans or Beads inside Hemp Chair

Beans, or beads, come in a separate mesh bag. We use a polyester mesh bag so it flexes and moves and lasts. The mesh bag has a small zipper to allow you to add more beans when needed or pull some out if you desire.

They are made from polystyrene which is the same material as styrofoam you see in electronics packaging. The difference is that our beans are more like beads, hence we also call them virgin beads. More importantly, our beans are higher in density and therefore they last a lot longer than some bags with recycled beans.

Usage of Hemp Bean Bag

You can use the Hemp bean bag chair as a lounging chair. You don’t fully sink in it like our rectangular ones, nor you sit upright like a normal chair.

Our bean bags are good for any age and any place. They are perfect indoor and outdoor or use them at home or in the office. You can even use them in public settings such as schools and libraries since they are very durable. Please note that these bean bags are not for use in a swimming pool.

This bean bag chair is practical for kids, teens or most adults.