Bean Bag - Large - 55x71 - White

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Length: 54Width: 32Height: 52

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Features & Specifications
Features & Specifications
Material Polyester
Size Large
Made in China
Warranty 1 year
Color White RG

Large Bean Bag Chair

Our bean bag chair is available in White colour. White is elegant and chic. It needs more care than other colours, for sure. If you are clean or not wearing shoes inside your place, there is no need to worry.

This large-size bean bag chair is rectangular. The empty cover, lying flat on the floor, is 55 inches by 71 inches. Due to the lumpy nature of bean bags, it is not easy to calculate the assembled dimension, so more or less, its width is 54”, its depth is around 32”, and its height is 32”.

Because of the large size of this bean bag chair, we recommend it for teens and adults. Kids can use our medium or small-size options.

Bean Bag Cover

The cover of this bean bag is %100 polyester; therefore, it is easy to clean and very durable. We triple-stitch the seams for maximum strength. One short edge of the cover has a full-length zipper reinforced with velcro to ensure no beads can escape. Our bean bag covers are waterproof and UV resistant.

Beans or Beads

Beans, or beads, come in a separate mesh bag. We use a polyester mesh bag so it flexes and moves and lasts. The mesh bag has a small zipper to add more beans or pull some out if desired.

Beans are polystyrene, or styrofoam beads, the same material as in electronics packaging. The difference is that our beans are more like beads; hence, we call them virgin beads. More importantly, our beans are more dense and last longer than some bags with recycled beans.

Our beans do get flattened over time. It depends on how you use them. If you need to add extra beans, we sell top-off fills.


You can use the rectangular bean bags in three ways. Stand the bag on its short edge and use it as a chair, or stand it on its long edge and use it as a lounger. You can also lay it flat and lie down on it.

You can use your bean bag indoors or outdoors, but not in the swimming pool.

Our bean bags are suitable for use at home or in public settings such as offices, schools, or libraries since they are very durable.

Shipping Size

We ship this bean bag chair in one box. Inside the box, you will find beans inside a mesh bag, and this mesh bag is inside a plastic bag. We also put the cover inside this box so that you will receive these two pieces inside one box.

Be careful when you are trying to open the box. Please do not use a sharp object to open the box, as it may puncture the mesh bag and cause beans to fly all over.

Our bean bags are stocked locally in Vancouver, BC. See our Shipping Page for the cost of delivery and options.


It is super easy to assemble this bean bag chair. After you open the box and pull out the cover and the mesh bag, you are ready. Just like putting a pillow inside a pillowcase, you need to grab the mesh bag and put it inside the cover.

Make sure to push the corner of the mesh bag to the inside edge of the cover to ensure a perfect fit. After that, close the cover zipper, and you are ready to use your bean bag chair.


  • Cover is a separate unit from the mesh bag.
  • Beans are inside a mesh bag with a zipper.
  • Beans are virgin high-density styrofoam.
  • Water resistance cover.
  • Easy clean with damp cloth and soap.
  • Outdoor use is okay.
  • Use in high traffic areas is okay.

Shipping Box Dimensions
Shipping Box Dimensions
Box IDL x W x H (inch)Weight (lbs)
Box 1 1 30 x 20 x 41 22