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Drawer Knob (1) - Crystal Diamond - Blue

Drawer Knob (1) - Crystal Diamond

Ball Crystal Dresser Drawer Knob, Maxtrix 5121, Maxwood Furniture, by Bunk Beds Canada of Vancouver.

Drawer Knob (1) - Crystal Ball


Dresser Knobs

Dresser Knobs or latches are accessory tools used as a handle or control that you can turn or twist to adjust the settings of various objects. These include doors, drawers or chests, dressers, or even staircase steps. A knob can be made of various materials, such as metal, crystal, or wood, and come in different shapes and sizes depending on their specific use.

At Bunk Beds Canada, we provide Dresser Knobs from our modular design. These knobs come with necessary hardware that you can use and install on any drawers quickly. They are modern and contemporary look.

Choosing the Right Knobs

When you purchase a dresser, chest of drawers or staircase, from any of our collections, they usually come with a wooden knob. They are fine and do the job and match in color and style. However, sometimes you like to spice things up a bit. Then you can add one of our decorative dresser knobs.

The only thing you need to watch for is if the face of the drawers allows you to change the existing knob with a new one. That is, some drawers do not have any knob and therefore no need to add one. Or some drawers have two holes for existing drawers and your new knob only needs one hole for installation on the surface of the drawer. So pay attention before placing your order.

Our Collections

We have a few different collections and each has its own characteristics. They are made of different wood and at different factories. Each collection has its own color pallet, style and even different types of wood.

Our Modular Collection is our premium collection which uses solid hardwood, soft close drawers, and high end carpentry techniques such as mortise and tenon and dovetail joinery.

All in One Collection is similar in construction as our Modular, but we use pine wood instead of hardwood. This is a simpler version of our popular modular collection.

And then our Cottage Collection which we manufacture right here in Canada. Also robust Case Goods which lasts you a lifetime with many size and color options to choose from.