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Vanisla Bedside Tray in Grey Finish

Vanisla Bedside Tray

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Bedside Tray, All in One Design, Blue

Bedside Tray - All in One Design

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Beverage Holder - Modular Collection - White

Tray and Beverage Holder - Modular Collection

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Magazine Rack - Modular Design - White

Hardwood Magazine Rack - Modular Collection

Long Bed Side Tray - Modular Design - White

Long Bed Side Tray - Modular Collection

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Bedside Hanging Shelves

We have gathered a nice selection of bedside hanging shelves for you to enhance the form and function of your children’s room.

They are made of solid wood that come in fun colors and sizes. There are two hooks behind these shelves that you can hook over the upper guardrails of your bunk or loft beds. The hook is not very wide, so you can not attach them to the headboards.

Hanging Shelves Size

Our bedside hanging shelves come in two sizes, small and large. Small version is not very long and it is a perfect size for a clock or digital device. Larger one gives you a lot more storage space, however, it may not fit some guardrails.

We also have hanging bookshelves, or magazine racks. They are perfect for small books or, as the name suggests, magazines.

Matching Hanging Shelves

The clever part of our bedside hanging shelves design is color coordination. You can pick matching or contrasting colors. Most popular color is pure white, but you can pick from gray to blue or modern textured clay color to traditional cherry finish.

Our Collections

We have a few different collections and each has its own characteristics. They are made of different wood and at different factories. Each collection has its own color pallet, style and even different types of wood.

Our Modular Collection is our premium collection which uses solid hardwood, soft close drawers, and high end carpentry techniques such as mortise and tenon and dovetail joinery.

All in One Collection is similar in construction as our Modular, but we use pine wood instead of hardwood. This is a simpler version of our popular modular collection.

And then our Cottage Collection which we manufacture right here in Canada. Also robust Case Goods which lasts you a lifetime with many size and color options to choose from.