Solid Wood Storage Loft Bed - Vertical Ladder, Dresser, Bookcase - Modular Design

ID# MX-LBS-0100

Modular Collection

Solid Wood Storage Loft Bed - Vertical Ladder, Dresser, Bookcase - Modular Design

Solid Wood Storage Loft Bed - Vertical Ladder, Dresser, Bookcase - Modular Design

ID# MX-LBS-0100

Modular Collection

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Features & Specifications

Material Knot-free Solid Birch, Maple, or Aspen.
Weight capacity Rated for 400 lb, tested for up to 800 lb.
Country of Manufacture Vietnam
Warranty Note 1 year


Storage Loft Bed

Modular design solid hardwood storage loft bed with vertical ladder and dresser and bookcase is available in two heights, three colors, three styles of headboards, and two sizes.

This loft bed is part of our Modular Collection. The name is for the fact that loft is made of many building blocks which give you a lot of choices.

The modular design means you have zillions of options before your purchase and lots of possibilities in the future. This is because you can obtain parts and convert your loft to something else, say to two loft beds for example. This is our only collection which we sell as a whole or by pieces.

You can use our modular design loft bed for kids, teens and adults.

Made of either birch, maple, or aspen premium knot free solid hardwood. You can not choose your wood type, the factory does it.


This storage loft bed frame is a combination of an independent loft bed frame plus a few stand alone pieces which go under the loft. Therefore you can use this unit in many configurations.

Loft bed frame divides into one individual bed or a daybed. Conversely, you can start with a daybed from this collection and later add legs and ladder so to convert it into a loft bed.

Everything is symmetrical so you can orient your ladder and storage units to the left or right side.

Price Includes:

One loft bed frame which comes in two heights and two sizes with a vertical ladder. There are 3 different styles of headboards to choose from. The Headboard Curve is 4” taller than the rest.

At one end of this loft, you will get a bookcase. The size of the bookcase depends on the size of your loft bed frame. See our Modular Collection Bookcases.

Price also includes storage drawers. For a 51” height loft, you get a six drawer dresser for the front face of this loft bed. This dresser is our 6032 Model. For a taller loft bed, you would get 2 units, our 3843 Model and 2343 Model.


This loft comes with one thick and sturdy ladder. Each rung is almost 3” wide with anti slip grooves. Angled ladder versions come with metal handle bars to assist.

You can install the ladder on either right or left side of the loft and change it again down the road.


Assembly of Modular Design loft is reasonably simple. No need to assemble the headboards but you need to assemble the ladder, the guard rails, connect mattress rails, and slats. The tricky bit is installing the Rocklock. Bookcase you need to assemble as well, but not the dressers as they come in one piece.


Standard size mattress fits this loft bed just fine. We recommend using a six inches thick mattress.

For extra long versions, you do need an extra long size mattress and bed sheets which are readily available.


This solid hardwood loft bed has a rating of 400 lb weight on the upper deck. In our factory we put 800 lb weight on this loft and it holded nicely - though we recommend it to stay within the range of actual rating.

There are 4 metal pings, purpose built Rocklocks, which locks the upper headboards to lower legs so you can not pull the legs out accidently.


  • Part of our Modular Design collection.
  • The design allows you to modify your furniture as your need evolves.
  • Made from knot-free premium solid hardwood.
  • Easily converts into a standard bed or a daybed.
  • Includes frame and dresser and bookcase.
  • Install the ladder on the left or right side.
  • Solid wood slats.
  • Non-toxic low VOC finish.

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