Solid Hardwood Loft Bed w Vertical Ladder on End - Modular Design - Slatted - 71" H - Queen - Two Tone


Modular Collection


Length: 88Width: 64Height: 71

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Features & Specifications

Features & Specifications
Ladder Entry styles are reversible and can be positioned on either side of the bed.
Material Knot-free Solid Birch, Maple, or Aspen.
Size Queen
Weight capacity Rated for 400 lb, tested for up to 800 lb.
Made in Vietnam
Warranty 1 year


Solid Hardwood Loft Bed

This hardwood loft bed with a vertical ladder on end is part of our Modular Collection.With two popular finishes - white and natural - two tone wood furniture coordinates with a variety of bedroom furniture.

Headboard is Slatted style and it is a contemporary take on the traditional mission design.

Color is two tone - white and natural - furniture is the new, trending look that gives the Modular aesthetic to complete any space.

The overall height of this solid hardwood loft bed is 71 inches and its clearance from ground to the bottom of the mattress rail is 52 inches. This height gives you perfect upper clearance for a standard height ceiling, which is 8 feel, and ample clearance under the loft to put a desk and sit comfortably to study.

Size of this loft bed is Full, which is also known as double.


This Modular design hardwood loft bed provides you with zillion options of use and lots of possibilities in the future. This is because this loft is a configuration of a few individual items, therefore, you can add a few pieces, sold separately, and convert this loft to a bunk bed or remove a few pieces and only use it as a bed frame.

Our modular design hardwood loft bed is suitable for use by anyone. We recommend a minimum age of 6 years for climbing a loft bed.

Solid Wood Frame

We use solid hardwood for this loft bed. Our factory uses Aspen, Maple, or Birch wood interchangeably for the production of this unit. To achieve maximum strength, we use premium knot-free hardwood for this loft bed.

Its slats are made of plywood. They are about 2.5” wide and 2.5” apart from each other. Each slat comes with holes. So, you can secure every slat to the frame with two wood screws.

Under Loft Storage

The design and height of this loft bed allows you to maximize storage. This means, you can purchase a few case goods to add, such as a matching bookcase, dresser, chest, or even a study desk under your loft. Also, the height of these case goods match the clearance of the loft which gives you a nice flush and clean look.


This modular design hardwood loft bed can hold a tested 400lb weight capacity on the upper deck. All loft sizes have a center support on the upper deck except for the Twin.

The modular design has 4 metal pings, purpose built Rocklocks which lock the upper headboards to lower legs.

We use acrylic paint for the white finish. For natural and chestnut finishes we use nc lacquer (nitro cellulose). Also, we test the finishes for chemical compliance with US and EU safety standards.


Ladder design is vertical for this loft bed and it is a headboard entry. This means that one of the headboards has an opening to accommodate this ladder. However, it is a symmetrical design and it can either go to the left or right side when installed. Therefore, you can change its orientation down the road if your need changes.

This vertical ladder is harder to climb but takes less space. Also, this ladder is thick and sturdy. Each rung is almost 3” wide with anti slip grooves.


Assembly of this Modular Design hardwood loft bed is reasonably simple. No need to assemble the headboards.

However, you need to assemble the ladder, the guard rails, connect mattress rails, and slats. The tricky bit is installing the Rocklock.


A standard size mattress fits this loft bed just fine. We recommend using a maximum of six inches thick mattress for this loft bed.

For extra long versions, you will need an extra long size mattress and bed sheets which are readily available.


  • Part of our Modular Design collection.
  • The design allows you to modify your furniture as your need evolves.
  • Made from knot free premium solid hardwood.
  • Easily converts into a standard bed or a daybed.
  • Includes ladder, guard rails, and slats.
  • Install the ladder on the left or right side.
  • Solid wood slats.
  • Non-toxic low VOC finish.
  • Add under loft storage to maximize space saving.

Shipping Box Dimensions

Shipping Box Dimensions
Box IDL x W x H (inch)Weight (lbs)
Box 1 50804 66 x 3 x 32 27
Box 2 1774 65 x 3 x 32 19
Box 3 411 64 x 6 x 8 41
Box 4 701 81 x 4 x 6 24
Box 5 1311 82 x 3 x 5 15
Box 6 1311 82 x 3 x 5 15
Box 7 1531 80.5 x 8.7 x 5.1 55.4
Box 8 30 60 x 3 x 5 9
Box 9 30 60 x 3 x 5 9
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