Nootka Bunk Bed with Angled Ladder - w 2 Drawers - Twin over Twin - Natural


Vanisla Collection

Nootka Bunk Bed with Angled Ladder - w 2 Drawers - Twin over Twin - Natural

Nootka Bunk Bed with Angled Ladder - w 2 Drawers - Twin over Twin - Natural


Vanisla Collection


Length: 80Width: 42.5Height: 68.5

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Features & Specifications

Material Knot-free, finger joint, Solid Rubber Wood.
Weight capacity 220 lbs for upper bunk. Lower bunk is not rated.
Warranty Note 1 year
Climbing Entry styles are reversible and can be positioned on either side of the bed.
Country of Manufacture Malaysia


Comox bunk bed

Comox bunk bed is part of our Vanisla Collection. The name is from a small town on the east coast of Vancouver Island.

Made of solid rubberwood. Rubberwood is from a rubber tree, native to southeast Asia. It is considered hardwood and sustainable.


You can add Vanisla drawers or storage trundle under the Comox bunk bed or use a hanging tray for extra storage. You can easily remove the ladder to pull out the drawer or trundle.

Comox bunk stands at an ideal height of 69”. The standard ceiling is 96” so you have plenty of space on the top bunk and lots of clearance on the lower bunk.

This bunk divides into two identical beds. You have 4 headboards, 2 on top bunks and 2 on the lower bunk. The 2 on top bunk are low in height and the 2 on lower bunk are high height. When you split the bunk to two beds, you use the 2 high ones as headboards. Then you use two low ones as footboards. This way you will end up with two beds with high headboards and low footboards.

Comox bunk bed is perfect for any age. Kids, teens, or adults all can use this bunk without a problem. This is because it can hold 220 lbs of weight on the upper bunk. We tested it in our store, two of us climbed the bunk and sat on top bunk w/o any issues or hearing any noise.

Standard single, or twin, size mattress fits this bunk bed just fine. For the upper bunk, use a mattress maximum of 6” thick. For lower bunk, you can use a mattress of 6" - 8” in thickness since the lower bunk is very spacious.


Another cool feature of this bunk is the use of brackets. There are 4 brackets in a single over single version and 2 brackets on single over double version. These brackets secure upper to lower bunk for extra safety. On top of that 4 metal pings of 3” in length each between upper and lower bunk for rock-solid construction. You do not see them, they are inside the wood.


Comox bunk bed uses an angled ladder which is easy to climb but takes a bit of your room. Ladder uses 2 metal hooks. You can push the ladder inward during the day or remove it altogether and install it back when you need it again. You can install the ladder on either right or left side. No need to specify this when you order. This is the default option. You decide on where to install it during assembly.


Assembly of Comox bunk is fairly simple. All 4 headboards and ladder are assembled. You need to install guard rails, connect mattress rails, and slats. 

Slats are made of solid wood as well. They are layers of glued wood, as in plywood, for extra strength. You may see some puddy here and there which is normal.

We sell mattresses and accessories separately as some people either have or do not need them.


  • Made from solid plantation grown Rubberwood.
  • You can install the ladder on the left or right side.
  • Add drawers, hanging tray or storage trundle for more storage.
  • Standard mattress fits fine, keeping it around 6” thick.
  • Weight capacity is 220 lb.
  • Slats are made of plywood.
  • Price includes a bunk bed frame, ladder is part of it.

Shipping Box Dimensions

Box IDL x W x H (inch)Weight (lbs)
Box 1 Upper_HBs_SN1 44 x 30 x 6 31
Box 2 Lower_HBs_SN1 44 x 42 x 6 50
Box 3 Ladder_SnSn2 60 x 14 x 3 11
Box 4 Guard_Rails_SN1 76 x 7 x 4 35
Box 5 Mattress_Rails_SN 76 x 6 x 2 17
Box 6 Slats_SN2 39 x 6 x 4 30
Box 7 Slats_SN2 39 x 6 x 4 30
Box 8 Drawers_Two 38 x 26 x 3 40
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