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Latex Mattress - Latex over Foam w Tencel Cover

Made inCanada

Latex Mattress - 6" Pure Organic Latex w Tencel Cover

Made inCanada

Latex Mattress - 6" Pure Organic Latex w Quilted Organic Cover


Latex Mattress

At Bunk Beds Canada, we offer two types of Latex mattress. One type is a hybrid of Latex and foam and the other type is all latex. For bunk beds, we recommend using a 6” thick mattress for the upper bunk and depending on space, either a 6 or 8” mattress for the lower bunk. For our platform beds, you can use any thickness mattress you wish. Our latex mattresses are both six inches thick. 

Latex Mattress Usefulness 

Preference of Latex is due to its natural properties. Latex is coming from rubber tree’s sap. If you cut the three in similar fashion as maple syrup production, you get white sap from the rubber tree. Putting the sap into a process and the end result is latex which you can make mattress from. There are also synthetic and mix of synthetic and natural latex in the marketplace. We only use natural latex in our mattresses.  

Latex Mattress For Bunk Beds

We only recommend a latex mattress to you if off gassing is an issue to you or you simply prefer a more natural product. Latex, for a variety of reasons, is an expensive product and therefore we recommend purchasing it with reservation.

Latex is a heavy material which means you  need to pair it with a higher weight capacity bunk bed.