Handrail - Modular Collection - For 66" Twin/Full Bunk - Grey

ID# MX-20030-100

Modular Collection

Handrail - Modular Collection - For 66" Twin/Full Bunk - Grey

Handrail - Modular Collection - For 66" Twin/Full Bunk - Grey

ID# MX-20030-100

Modular Collection


Length: 13.75Width: 1.25Height: 33.25

This item ships within: 8-12 weeks

Features & Specifications

Material Knot-free Solid Birch, Maple, or Aspen.
Country of Manufacture Vietnam
Warranty Note 1 year


Modular design Handrail is part of our 66” height twin/full bunk bed which you can install on the Angled ladder. Wood piece connecting metal rail is included in the box of all metal rails. When you purchase the bed as a whole, you will get this piece as well. The matching solid hardwood ladder for this handrail is our MX-1463 Model.

How to Choose

On every product page we have a list of parts that makes up the item. You need to click on the ‘Shipping Box Dimension’ tab and see the list. The ‘Box Id’ is the same as the part name. If you need to search for each part, add MX- to box id and search by SKU.

For example, our Modular Design Bunk Bed 66” with angled ladder has a list of pieces. One of them is the Handrail item 20030-100. In order to search, you type MX-20030-100 in the search box and check the SKU.

Modular System

This piece is part of our Modular Collection. You can only use this item as a building block within the same collection. This item will only fit the Maxtrix System.

The name is for the fact that products in this collection are made of many building blocks. Similar to LEGO bricks, you can build so many configurations of beds and bunk beds with a handful of parts.

The modular design means you have zillions of options before your purchase and lots of possibilities in the future. This is because you can obtain parts and convert your item to something else. This is our only collection which we sell as a whole or by pieces.

Solid Hardwood

In our modular design collection we use premium solid hardwood such as birch, maple, or aspen interchangeably. Premium means we use knot free and no finger-joint pieces for maximum strength of wood.

Solid hardwood products like beds, loft beds and bunk beds are strong, easy to maintain, beautiful to look at and hold their value.

Shipping Box Dimensions

Box IDL x W x H (inch)Weight (lbs)
Box 1 20030-100 32.7 x 14.6 x 1.6 4.4
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