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Futon Frame - The L-Shape - Double - Unfinished

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Made inCanada

Futon Frame - Lift - Full

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Solid Hardwood Futon Frame - Parkwood - Full - Walnut

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Futon Frame - Mission Style


Solid Hardwood Futon Frame - FlipArm - Full - Walnut

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Futon Frames

Futon Frame

You would need a futon frame if you want to use your futon mattress for sitting as in a sofa bed. Traditional sofa bed is a sofa with a folding bed inside of it all in one unit so the only thing you have to decide is size and color. In a futon sofa bed, you choose a frame as the structure of your sofa bed, then you choose your futon mattress which comfort is coming frome and lastly you choose your cover which color options are from. A bit more complicated, but more option and more fun.  

Futon Frame Material

There are two main materials for futon frames: Meta and wood. The one we carry, Lift Frame, has metal structure and wooden slats, so it is a combination of two materials. 

Wooden frames are statically more pleasing while metal frames are less expensive and more durable. 

 Futon Frame Sizes

At the moment, we only carry double size, also known as full size, futon frame simply because it is the most popular size. Other sizes that are available are queen size, loveseat size, chair size and single size. Chair and single sizes are very similar to each other since the chair is 28” wide and single size is 39” wide. 

Double and queen size futon frames open to a corresponding double and queen size mattress. Loveseat size, as well as single and chair size, are open to a smaller surface and require an ottoman to make them to a usable sleeping surface.