Futon Mattress - 5Cotton4Foam HD

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Features & Specifications
Features & Specifications
Made in Canada
Warranty 1 year

Futon Mattress

Our 54 futon mattress is a workhorse for use as a sofa bed or as your primary mattress. We use high density foam in this mattress so it lasts a long time as well as lots of cotton. This mattress feels on the firm side.

We call this mattress 54 since there are 5 layers of cotton batting inside as well as 4 layers of 1” thick high density foam.

This item we usually have the double size in stock for a quick ship or pick up. See our shipping page for more info. Other sizes are made to order.

High Density Foam

We use 4 layers of high-density bio foam in this mattress and each layer is one inch in thickness. Biofoam means that up to 20% of base material in the foam is from plants and the rest is usual polyurethane foam.


There are 5 layers of 100% pure virgin cotton batting inside this mattress. This is the part that gives the lumpiness to futon mattress. Thickness of it is not easy to measure due to the fluffy nature of cotton batt, but it is roughly 0.5” for each layer.

Two Sided Mattress

This futon mattress is two sided which means you can sit and sleep on the both sides of the mattress therefore you get longer wear from your investment.


Cover, or better to call it casing, of this mattress is canvas like white fabric which is 100% polyester for durability. This cover acts as a casing to hold the content which is layers of foam and cotton. In the middle of the mattress you will find tufting in roughly 10” apart so as to keep the layers from shifting around. You can not take this casing off because of the permanent tufts.

We recommend using a mattress protector.

Standard Size

All of our futon mattresses, including this one, are based on Canadian standard sizes. What is standard is length and width but thickness is not.


Mattress is folded in half and one or two strings keeping it in place and then the whole thing is inside a durable plastic bag. There is no cardboard or anything fancy, bare bone basic.


  • 5 layers of cotton batting
  • 4 layers of 1” high density bio foam
  • Two sided
  • Ships in a plastic bag
  • Made in Canada
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