Crown and Base for Dresser - Modular Collection - 6204

ID# MX-5060

Modular Collection

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Features & Specifications
Features & Specifications
Material Knot-free Solid Birch, Maple, or Aspen.
Made in Vietnam
Warranty 1 year

Solid Hardwood Dresser crown and base

Modular design crown and base unit is a cosmetic kit to give its matching solid hardwood dresser a more complete look. It is available in 3 colors. This is our 6204 model.

The naming of our case goods is basically the combination of width and height of the piece. For example, if the width is 18” and height is 26”, then we call it the 1826 model. Usually all case goods are 18” deep.

And what is a casegood anyway? Any boxy looking piece of furniture with doors or drawers for storage such as nightstand, dresser, or even bookcase we call them Casegoods.

This crown and base unit is part of our Modular Collection ecosystem. All case goods in this collection are matching in design and style.

You can use our modular design solid hardwood dresser for kids, teens and adults and at home or in commercial settings such as BnB.

Made of either birch, maple, or aspen premium knot-free solid hardwood, factory select. Solid hardwood furniture is sturdy, easy to maintain, and holds its value.


All dressers from our Modular Collections are multi functional.

For one, their height without crown and base is equal to clearance of our loft beds in this collection. Take a quick look out at our storage loft beds to get the idea.

You can also use the dresser as a stand alone piece as a regular dresser for storing your clothes in your bedroom.

And finally, you can add a crown and a base to not only use the dresser as a stand alone piece, but also make it look outstanding.

So the job of this crown and base unit is to turn the dresser from under the loft bed storage unit into a chic stand alone piece.

The matching solid hardwood dresser for this crown and base unit is our 6032 Model.

Please note that when you add crown and base to the dresser, its overall dimension is going to change. Its height will increase by 4” and its width will increase by 2”, but depth remains at 18.5”


Assembly of Modular Design hardwood dresser crown and base unit is supper simple. The top piece, or crown, is one complete unit and all you need to do is to put it on top of the dresser. The base is a little harder to install as you need to tilt or lift your dresser in order to screw in the legs.


  • Part of our Modular Design collection.
  • The design allows you to modify your furniture as your need evolves.
  • Made from knot-free premium solid hardwood.
  • Matches to all other case goods in this collection.
  • Price includes crown and base and not the dresser.
  • Non-toxic low VOC finish.
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