Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are a popular choice for children's bedrooms, guest rooms, ski lodges, hostels, and other shared sleeping spaces. These great space savers are essentially two and occasionally three, beds stacked one on top of the other. Whilst people think of bunk beds as the perfect solution for children’s bedrooms, they have become really popular as space-saving solutions for adults as well.

Extra features

All of our bunk beds have ample clearance from the ground to allow for extra storage units such as under bed drawers, roll-out trundle beds, or under-bed dressers. Smartly designed hanging trays and hanging book/magazine racks offer additional space-saving solutions, that look good too.

Size and height

We categorize our bunk beds according to their size. This is, in effect, determined by the mattress. We offer all possible size combinations except king size. Our range includes single over single, extra-long and queen-sized bunks. Bunk bed sizes can get confusing as there is more than one name for them. Single, or single over single, is the same as a twin, or twin over twin. Double and full can also be used interchangeably.
The mattress determines the length and breadth of the bed, but the height of the bunk bed is not standard. You choose the height of between 61” to 73”. All our Bunk Beds, except the triple bunk, will fit under a standard height ceiling, of 96 inches or 8 feet. Upper to lower bunks fasten in various ways. A metal pin is the most common fastener. It is embedded, usually out of sight, into the posts.

Weight Capacity

Depending on the design of the bunk bed and the materials used to construct it, the weight rating of the bunk beds ranges from 220 lb. to 450 lb. The upper bunk is weight rated. The lower bunks, like bed frames, are not rated by weight capacity. To carry the extra load, the bunk bed frame is often thicker than bed frames of similar size. Bear in mind, weight rating is not absolute and is based on distributed weight over the full surface of the upper bunk.

Modern Bunk Beds offer a wide range of options, from added slides to different climbing methods and may include optional features such as tents or curtains. Check our extensive range of quality bunk beds and find the perfect bed to fit your decor and lifestyle requirements.