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Trundle Bed - One Box Design - Twin


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Trundle Bed - Modular Design


Solid Wood Trundle Drawer - WildRoots Collection

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Solid Wood Trundle Storage Bed - All in One Design


Trundle Drawer - Modular Design


Trundle Beds

Trundle beds are a bed under a bed which has other names as roll out bed or pull out bed. They often are for guests or temporary sleeping arrangements. That is why better not take a lot of floor space with having a permanent bed. 

The way the trundle bed works is different between designs. Most are using wheels under the trundle to wheel it in and out for ease of use. Some models have folding legs so you can unfold the legs and raise the trundle to save level as the main bed. Another design, or pop-up trundle bed, uses springs instead of legs. 

Trundle Bed Sizes

Since the trundle bed is parked underneath another bed, its size is slightly shorter than a regular bed. Most common size for a trundle bed is single size, or rather twin size. Single and twin are two names for the same size. 

The next most common size for a trundle bed is single extra long, or twin XL. This size is good for tall individuals. 

Double and queen size trundle beds do exist and we offer them by special request. We do not recommend them since they will take up a lot of your floor space. 

Trundle Bed Mattress

As we said earlier, a trundle bed is shorter in length than a standard bed frame, therefore, when you are shopping for a matching mattress, it is important to measure the exact length of the trundle bed. Often a trundle bed mattress is a category of its own due to shorter length as well as its thickness. 

We recommend using foam, or memory foam, mattress for your trundle bed with thickness of maximum six inches. The reason for that is that foam mattress you can squeeze it in the place whereas coil mattress you can not. Also the coil mattress at 6” thickness is not very comfortable to sleep on.

Trundle Bed Material 

At Bunk Beds Canada, our specialty is solid wood furniture which by extension, it also means solid wood trundle beds. There are also metal versions available which we do not offer them. 

Our trundle beds are all boxy shapes, this is so that you can put a mattress inside and use it as a normal bed or use your trundle for storage, particularly spare beddings. 

Trundle Meaning

According to Cambridge online dictionary, trundle means “(to cause something) to move slowly on wheels”.