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Solid Wood Triple Bunk Bed w Vertical Ladder - Modular Design


Solid Wood Triple Bunk Bed w Angle Ladder - Modular Design


Triple Bunk Beds

At Bunk Beds Canada, we offer real premium knot-free solid hardwood triple bunk beds in all sizes for all ages.

Triple bunk bed is essentially three beds stacked on top of each other or rather three daybeds. Our triple bunk beds are part of our Modular Collection and we are literally stacking 3 of our 3131 beds to achieve this.  

Triple Bunk Beds Sizes

Since we are stacking three of our 3131 beds to create our triple bunk bed, you can stack any of five available sizes of this bed and create five different sizes. That is for example, you can stack three twin extra long beds or three queen beds and create a queen triple bunk or twin extra long triple bunk bed. 

Our triple bunk comes only in one height of 92” and you do need a high ceiling for this bunk. You can cut the legs off if you want to fit this bunk inside the standard height ceiling. 

Triple Bunk Beds Usage

One of the most popular uses of a Triple bunk bed is in ski lodges where many adult guests need to share one room. Due to its unique design, you do need a high ceiling room to place one of these bunks in it. For the same reason, that is the uniqueness of the design, Triple bunk beds are very picturesque which definitely raise the profile of your rental unit.

Our bunk beds are heavy duty and can easily take 400 lb of weight on upper bunk.

Triple Bunk Beds Climbing

There are two styles of ladder to choose from, vertical and angle ladder. Most people opt for a vertical ladder since it takes the least amount of space. You can also get a triple bunk bed with stairs by request. 

Triple Decker